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SCHALLAR testing+extrusion

Hersteller von 3d Druck Filament Extrusionsanlagen zur Herstellung hochpräziser Filamente

Labtech High Speed 3D-Filament Production line at 100m per min

(*) with vacuum calibration for a high strand diameter precision with +/- 0.025mm tolerance
(*) for 1.75 to 3.00mm diameter 3D filament
(*) High Speed Caterpillar Haul Off unit with variable speed drive of belt with a max pulling speed of 100 meter per minute
(*) Dual Axis Laser Diameter Measuring Gauge connected in closed loop for exact diameter control
(*) Filament accumulator for easy reel changing
(*) High speed two-station wind up unit with touch screen control, digital meter counter and automatic cutter

SCHALLAR testing+extrusion

Georg Schallar
Dornbacher Strasse 64
1170 Wien
Telefon: +436649635020
E-Mail: consulting@schallar.com