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REbuild 3DCP

We are a group of people, experienced engineers, entrepreneurs, visionary personalities who met to REbuild the way of building.

The company REbuild is a fresh startup dedicated to introduce 3D Printing technology to the construction industry. Furthermore, we are a design office, which solves any construction, manufacturing or production engineering problems, including farming, civil engineering and manufacturing industries.

Regarding 3DCP, at the moment REbuild is capable of small- and medium-sized concrete printing. Most of the orders we receive comprise small architecture, such as pots or benches.
In Q2 2022 we are launching our new 3DCP Printer with a print area of 9x4x3 meters, extending our possibilities to large-size prints, like bowers or other buildings.
As a design office we offer to solve a problem as per description and requirements from the client. The range of designs‘ categories is unlimited, although all of them include automation and modern manufacturing technologies, not only 3D Printing. The design is made with constant cooperation with the customer and can be either a CAD project, including BOM and cost calculation, or a ready-to-use, fully assembled machine.

REbuild 3DCP

Przemysław Klik
Żurawia 71
PL 15-540 Białystok
Phone: +48 725 206 079
E-Mail: pk@rebuild3dcp.com

3D-Drucker/3d printer: REbuild-made 3D printer

CAD-System: Fusion 360 / Inventor / NX

3D-Scan-System: Artec Studio 3D

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