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ARTGATE Consulting

ARTGATE is an art consultancy company for the realization of innovative art concepts in connection to new technologies and new art markets like China.

ARTGATE’s art concepts bridge commerce and art, connecting people through tailor-made exhibitions, art events, conferences, festive occasions and educational programs. Its bespoke art projects serve as platforms to communicate new technological products and services to exclusive audiences. ARTGATE continuously develops art exhibition projects in collaboration with renowned contemporary Asian artists as well as with international digital pioneers. Through innovative art projects in Germany as well as in connection with new art markets like China, ARTGATE promotes both mutual understanding and business relations. The company’s services include:

+ Conceptual design of exquisite, tailor-made art events nationally and abroad
+ Realisation of ingenious exhibitions, conferences, symposia and education programs
+ Development of innovative art concepts and installations
+ Acquisition of sponsors, partners and lenders

Our close relationships with reputable partners from the European art scene and our key markets form the foundation of our work. Excellent relations with representatives from commerce and culture, trusts, unions, sponsors, patrons and art lovers offer a diverse pool of knowledge and a wide range of opportunities.

For our commitment, ARTGATE Consulting has been voted company of the city of Düsseldorf and has been nominated for the needle of Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici for cultural engagement alongside the Rhine-Ruhr trail. We have also enjoyed national coverage of our work in media such as Handelsblatt, Deutschlandfunk, Deutschland Kulturradio, WDR5, WDR3 and art Magazine.

ARTGATE Consulting
Leoni Spiekermann
Rembrandtstrasse 4
40237 Düsseldorf
Telefon: 0211-99488141
E-Mail: spiekermann@artgateconsulting.com


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